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Eljays44 is a trusted media business that produces results for its clients, value to its audience and has the good of the horticulture sector at its heart. Eljays44 stays ahead by being focused, approachable, flexible, friendly and utilising our initiative to provide the highest quality products and services.” 


Always remaining passionate about our cause and our work; to connect the horticultural industry, creating links and awareness across the sector; from the small landscape gardening business, to the well-established multi-national organisation.

Honesty and Integrity

Always be open and honest; to be genuine with all our stakeholders and act in an ethical manner at all times.

Team Mentality

We are one team – working together to meet the requirements of our clients and provide the highest level of service to all we interact with.
Working together we support each other to achieve and accomplish our goals; ensuring we do things right – by our clients and our team.


Commitment to our customers, our clients, our staff, and our cause.
Leading the industry from the front and ensuring we are committed to doing the right thing.

Innovation and Growth

To continuously innovate our brands and our services, ensuring Eljays44’s growth within the market; guaranteeing we are always relevant and ‘ahead of the game’; focusing on remaining successful.

Have fun in what you do!

Enjoy your work, be productive – your work is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way!