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Eljays44 is delighted to welcome Ben Cumberland back into the business. Ben, who also worked for the company for two years starting in 2014, has been away from the business for three years.

In this time, Ben had a stint in the armed forces, worked at another media business and moved to Leeds to work in the event market.

He says: “I’m excited to be back at Eljays44 Ltd and working with the Wilkinsons. Eljays44 is where I started my career in advertising sales and publishing and have some great memories from working here in the past.

“I’ve decided to come back because of the great reputation and business structure Eljays44 Ltd has and I’m keen to grow and develop with the growth of the company.”

Ben is tasked with taking the data and research business, Pro Landscaper Connect, forward. He continues: “This branch of the Eljays44 tree is a very exciting project to be working on and I’m keen to develop it into a leading product of the company.

“I’m hoping to re-establish existing relationships with clients and of course, generate new ones. I’ll be out and about meeting with the industry as much as possible to shout about Pro Landscaper Connect and build a reputation for myself within the industry.”

An ambitious person by nature, Ben is looking to realise the potential of Pro Landscaper Connect. He says: “What excites me is the challenge of delivering and driving revenue into this newish product. I’m looking forward to seeing this product grow and develop into a leading revenue stream for the business.”

Ben can be contacted on 01903 777583, or ben.cumberland@eljays44.com