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It’s always great when Eljays44 receives recommendations for people to join its team, but this year we had a different kind of offering with the very first Eljays44 internship!

Hannah Armstrong joined our team in July 2019 as our content and events assistant, working in various departments and building her experience with our different teams to gain a greater understanding of how we design and produce material for our brands, whilst also gaining some valuable experience of being part of an innovative and multifaceted organisation.

Hannah was aware of Eljays44 as her mother, Mandy Armstrong, was previously a member of our design team and after working with us for over a year moved on to progress her career. It was great news for us to be contacted by Hannah enquiring about the possibility of a paid internship following her mum’s recommendation and we were very excited about the prospect of being able to support Hannah with her university studies.

Throughout the year, Hannah will be involved in a variety of projects and have the opportunity to work in a number of different departments – including design, editorial, events and marketing – with Nina Mason, head of content, assisting Hannah with her projects and assignments.

We look forward to seeing her progress over the year and seeing how Eljays44 can continue to support the training and development of staff.

Welcome to the team, Hannah!

Eljays44 Plant Swap Station

Is there a better way to raise money for charity?! Eljays44 introduced our first plant swap in July, a great way to encourage our team to get more greenery on their desks, in the office and in their homes; greener areas tend to be more productive, reduce stress, promote better air quality and boost creativity!

The plants and seeds are free to exchange, giving our staff the opportunity to expand their range of greenery and learn about caring for different plants. All we ask is that if staff can make a donation then it is very welcome as it goes to a wonderful local charity, Chestnut Tree House, which cares for 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-shortening conditions.

Perennial Marathon Month

Throughout June the Eljays44 team put on their running shoes and got out and about clocking up the miles as part of Perennial’s Marathon Month! The aim was to cover 26.2 miles (marathon distance) collectively as a team throughout the month, this could be walking or jogging and staff could do as much or as little as they like as it all contributed to the month’s target.

The team kicked things off early in the month and worked together to chip away at the goal; over the weekends, in the evenings and even in the early hours in the morning before the commute to work! We had it confirmed at the start of July that we had surpassed the end target and achieved a respectable distance of 37.04 miles! Raising a total of £44.24 for the Perennial – Gardeners’ Royal Benevolent Society.