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Despite the terrible weather, the 2019 Eljays44 Away Day was no wash out! A fun-filled day of engagement and activities at Cobnor Activities Centre.
The day started with a series of presentations. These highlighted areas of progression and change since last year’s away day.

Jim, our Managing Director, opened the presentations by reflecting on the team’s success in May 2019. He praised the whole team for their efforts and achievements.

He also identified Kara Thomas, Senior Designer, as the person receiving the monthly bonus award of £250.

This was for her outstanding efforts ensuring the Pro Landscaper redesign was completed on time and to a superb quality.

A talk about the Company’s 5 year plan was next on the agenda. Jim explained the objectives to the team and explained how Eljays44 will develop. Frequent announcements like this give all the Eljays44 team a fantastic understanding of where we are heading.

The last point on the agenda before the management team’s presentations was a look back at the objectives which were set at last year’s away day. These displayed our progress and successes over the last year. Nina Mason, Head of Content, was first to give her individual presentation. She explained how the completely refreshed and upgraded Pro Landscaper Magazine came about.

Nina talked us through the process of building and launching the latest issue. This included the steps her team took to ensure everything was perfect with the new edition.

The team achieved so much getting the new design to the standard it is. The feedback from our clients has been second-to-none.

The third speaker of the day was our Head of Sales, Jess McCabe. Jess talked the team through our clients and the companies which engage with us. It was an engaging presentation with lots of communication from our team. They tried to identify those who Eljays44 interact with.

Next up was Amber Bernabe, Head of Events, and Jamie Wilkinson, Director. They discussed how FutureScape Spring was identified as a need for the industry. They explained the build up to the event, all the pre-planning and then reviewed the day’s success.

It was clear from the presentation and the feedback that the attendees and exhibitors were positive.

The duo explored the possibilities of this new introduction to the FutureScape brand and the progression for the future.

Jamie followed on with a second part to the presentation. He explained how our research, data and marketing service, Pro Landscaper Connect, has performed since its launch.

Going from strength-to-strength each month, it was clear that Pro Landscaper Connect was a need for new and existing clients.
Now Eljays44 Ltd is able to offer this bespoke service, clients understand the benefits this tool can provide. It’s an exciting growth area for Eljays44 and one that will provide further opportunities for our team to expand.

A key part of Eljays44’s internal development over the last year was from a focus on its staff development. Matt Trussler, HR Business Partner, presented the feedback from the last year’s away day. He also spoke through the changes introduced since then. Matt showed a timeline of all the other benefits and perks implemented since 2018.

Staff feedback plays a key part in Eljays44’s development. The changes over the years have all been implemented from staff suggestions, such as:
· Changes to responsibilities and the structure of the reporting lines,
· Company sick pay policy,
· Introduction of team projects, outside of normal responsibilities,
· One day per employee to work for charity each year, paid!
· Increase on annual leave, based on long service,
· Upskilling and training rewards,
· Away days and activities,
· Gym membership discount.

With all these changes and the success of the business over the last year, it was great to see this year’s feedback from our staff and the positives of being a part of the Eljays44 team.

The final presentation of the morning was by Jim and Jamie Wilkinson, Directors. They discussed the future of Eljays44 and the areas of development for its brands.

It was another insightful display of how the business has a solid position within its industries.

As part of this look to the future, the team split into three groups, all with a task of looking at a different area of the business. The idea was to suggest how it can develop and improve its offerings for its clients, now and for the future.

Once the team activities were over, it was time for some lunch and the start of the afternoon activities.

Split into two groups, the teams tackled some initiative games and archery. Each of the groups had the chance to work together to solve the tasks during the initiative games. These ranged from passing each other through a tyre, climbing through a difficult structure and balancing tasks.

The other activity was archery which was new to a lot of the team. The staff at Cobnor done an excellent job of teaching and helping everyone with the correct methods for hitting the target.

The teams each then a competition to see who could score the highest. Jamie Wilkinson, came out on top with a score of 42 points! The later part of the afternoon saw heavy rainfall but the team were not put off by this.

The 2019 Eljays44 Away Day was a great success. Everyone had fun whilst gaining a good understanding of where we were last year, where we are going in the future and the accomplishments of our team over the last year!

We are all looking forward to seeing the developments over the next year and beyond.