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The Eljays44 sales team had the second instalment in 2019 of training lead by MD Jim Wilkinson and head of sales Jess McCabe.


At Eljays44, we focus on ensuring our teams have access to the right training and development. It’s not only to have the necessary skills required in their roles. It’s also to share their experiences with each other.

Internal training is a great way for our company to give relevant, focused training.

Having a diverse team means everyone has different perspectives and experiences. This contributes to making our training sessions relevant and insightful.

Eljays44 commits to providing training and development opportunities for its staff. It looks forward to continued development of training programmes. It’s a pleasure seeing our staff flourish.

This week Eljays44 has also welcomed a new member to our editorial team, Frankie Youd.

Frankie’s first involvement with us was over two years ago during work experience. This was part of her degree.

Since this time Frankie has kept in contact with us and we are pleased to say she has now joined the company.

Frankie takes on the role of Features Writer. She’ll build on her previous experience and knowledge of working with us.

This year we also have some exciting plans for expanding our training and development opportunities. Watch this space!

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