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Eljays44 staff had an afternoon of fun on Monday 28 January to celebrate. The afternoon started with a review of the success over 2018, looking back at the development of the business.

The company has continued to see growth of its brands and 2018 was its record ever year!

HighlightsEljays44 celebrated the highest ever attendance at FutureScape, the UK’s largest landscaping event, with over 2,450 visitors.

Due to FutureScape November’s success and benefit to the industry the company reviewed what more it can offer to its audience. Eljays44 is very excited for the launch FutureScape Spring this year on 12th March 2019!
Over 2018 Eljays44 held the first Pro Landscaper Business Awards. It also launched the Small project BIG IMPACT Awards, celebrating the impact and complexity of smaller projects.

Towards the end of the year Pro Landscaper Connect was also launched. It’s a new way for businesses to get valuable market research and specific insights into industry trends.

ELjays44 also welcomed new members to the team throughout the year and look forward to celebrating their career!

The next stage was new for Eljays44. It was an awards ceremony recognising staff members who have demonstrated the company values.
Congratulations again to Chris Anderson for receiving the first Eljays44 Company Values Award for commitment. Commitment is seen in all aspects of Chris’ work. Since joining Eljays44 in 2016, whatever task Chris has been presented with he has given it his all. He’s ensured his customers receive first class service and felt important. Chris’ commitment expands beyond his customers and can be seen by his commitment to the team, day in, day out.

Laura Harris was the second winner of a Company Value Award for passion. Laura always remains passionate about the brands, her work and the Company as a whole. Selecting Laura for this award was easy. A unanimous vote followed, given her track record over the last five years with the company. Laura always remains positive, helpful and has a smile on her face whilst keeping her passion for doing things right. Congratulations Laura.

The third Company Value Award went to Kara Thomas for honesty and integrity. A truly unsung hero of Eljays44 since joining back in 2012 Kara has acted ethically and remained genuine with all stakeholders at all times. Kara has a fantastic work ethic and has always shown immense integrity with the team and her work. An extremely well deserved award.

The penultimate award went to Kirsty Turek for team mentality. Kirsty demonstrates this value every single day. She is always helpful and optimistic about tasks regardless of who she is helping. Kirsty has done extremely well since joining Eljays44 only six months ago. She demonstrated her team mentality and commitment very early on during a team building exercises at an away day, and each day since! Congratulations Kirsty!

Finally, the last award focuses on an indirect achievement, but a hugely important one. That is the award for having fun which is highly appropriate for Amber Wallace! She won this award due to her excellent attitude, lovely personality and enthusiasm to get involved with company activities. She brings a smile to the team’s face. Well done Amber.

All the Company Value Awards were very much deserved and we hope those selected enjoy the financial reward as well!

After the awards the company had a quiz, organised by quiz master Joe Wilkinson. A great selection of topics were posed, including testing the team’s (and the Directors!) knowledge on Eljays44 history!

To finish the afternoon off the team headed over to a local Indian restaurant for a curry night. There was fantastic food and it was a great way of getting the team out of the office and socialising.

Eljays44 is very much looking forward to what 2019 will bring, with new events and further developments of industry-leading brands.

From Left: Chris Anderson, Director Lisa Wilkinson, Kirsty Turek, Amber Wallace, Laura Harris and Kara Thomas